On Monday, November 11, 2019, our solar system’s smallest and innermost planet was transit across the disk of the Sun.
Mercury transits occur only about 13 times per century. The last Mercury transit occurred on May 9, 2016.
This rare astronomical event was learned not only by students of grades 6,7,8, but also by curiosity kids from our kindergarten.

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Наши ребята провели осенние каникулы в  горном оздоровительном центре  «HUMSON-BULOQ».

Как здорово с утра пробежаться на свежем воздухе, сделать гимнастику,  вкусно позавтракать, а потом ….  отправиться на занятия. Да, на каникулах – занятия! Но когда рядом твои друзья,  а вокруг так красиво, то и математика, английский язык, шахматы только в удовольствие

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Зависит ли давление от площади? Что такое плотность? Как сделать «шашлык» из шариков?  В чем секрет йогов? На эти и другие вопросы ребята ищут ответы экспериментальным путем.

А в старших классах девочки с увлечением занимаются выпечкой.   

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Олимпиада, олимпиада, олимпиада! Сегодня в школе прошел осенний тур болгарской олимпиады "Математика без границ". А так как математика - любимый предмет наших учеников, то и желающих принять участие в олимпиаде было немало. Желаем всем успеха!

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Today is October 26th 2019, according to the annual tradition, this is the 3rd time when Erudite Education is organizing and conducting this ceremonial event dedicated to the UNITED NATIONS DAY!

During the last 70 years the basic objectives of the UNO are to prevent war and build peace across the globe, to discover new prodigies, encourage them to create for the sake of the world! The world mustn't admit kind of the errors anymore! Therefore the UNO supports current state of peace, adjusts outer conflicts among the countries through diplomatic negotiations providing supremacy of rights and justice against impunity, powerlessness and physical punishment.

About 150 countries associated the UNO over the last 70 years. All the people realize that it is possible to save the world from devastating wars only through collaboration! That is why United Nations Day is being celebrated in many countries today, like we have celebrated this event together in our school!

It is a point to say that this organisation is the symbol of peace over the world, which says that MIND and JUSTICE overcome WAR AND DEMOLITION. That is why, since 1971, Unites Nations Day has been celebrated as a national HOLIDAY in many countries!

The ceremony started with a great parade, where pupils were marching presenting the countries of UNO, afterwards they displayed national dances of these countries which turned in to an amazing CULTURAL SHOW!

The guests were welcome to walk round the school and to see how our pupils were presenting the countries of UNO!

At the end, it should be mentioned that the guests who were the representatives from different foreign organisations and communities were lucky enough to get to know with culture of different countries, their music, national cuisine and clothing.

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