Public Speaking

If you want to learn
how to confidently stand on stage
how to express your thoughts in English correctly
how to defend your point of view
then we are waiting for you at “ERUDITE Talks”

“ERUDITE Talks” is an in-school competition in public speaking (oratory), in which the best speakers of the school will be identified.
Over 100 students have expressed a desire to participate in “ERUDITE Talks” 2020!

Competition Objectives:
- provide a platform where students can share their ideas
- develop oratory skills
- develop creativity
- help overcome fear of the public and become more self-confident

The competition will be held in 3 rounds:
1) Qualifying round (February 27-29)
2) Semi-final (in March)
3) Final (the best speakers of the school will perform in front of public in April)